Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gettin' western in the street

Ever hear of a rolling block party?

How about a rolling block fight?

Police say 22-year-old Brandon Warren was attending a house party in the 700 block of W. Hollywood at about 4 a.m. Sunday when he decided to punch out the homeowner's wife.

That didn't sit will [sic] with the homeowner, and a fight broke out between the two.

Two other party-goers joined in the melee, which began in the font [sic] yard, but moved gradually down the street.

(from KENS-5)

It's not really a good idea to punch out a man's wife when you're in their home. You just may never get your casserole dish back that way.


alex45 said...
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Kels said...

Sounds like something that would've happened on the street I grew up on!

Albatross said...

Some folks might call it a parade!