Monday, September 28, 2009


The gators are spreading all over the Alamo City! Now you have to keep an eye out for them in your yard!
Janie Diaz had no idea what her dog was barking at early Monday morning until a San Antonio police officer told her.

"Yeah, alligator. What?" Diaz recalls telling Officer Brian Christensen of the San Antonio Police Department.

Diaz couldn't believe her ears until she saw it with her own eyes -- a 3-foot alligator in the front yard of her home at the intersection of La Manda and Neer on the city's north side.
(from KSAT-12)

They're probably going to release it in Choke Canyon Reservoir. Watch out next time you go fishing down there.


Dave said...

Yes, but who wins in a fight between la Chupacabras and a 4 foot gator?

Albatross said...

Gator. Chupacabras go after goats. Gators go after anything.

AlanDP said...

La Manda and Neer! That's one of my regular routes.

Choke Canyon is already crawling with gators. That's probably where they're all coming from.