Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Driver Crashes into Mother & Kids"

A car accident by itself is not very strange, but when the driver that did the crashing is allegedly drunk, hits a car with a family inside, injures those people while escaping injury himself, and then gets angry when some Good Samaritans try to help out the injured woman and children, then that's just weird.

San Antonio Police say two men were driving an SUV on San Eduardo when they ran a stop sign at Durango. That’s when they hit a family of three. The two vehicles collided and the SUV flipped over and landed on it roof.

The men inside were fine, but the driver was arrested on charges of driving under the influence. The mother and her two young children were taken to the hospital. None of them have life-threatening injuries.

Officer Reyna with the San Antonio Police Department tells News4 WOAI the men started a fight with neighbors who came out to check on the safety of everyone involved.

“They tried to get out of the car, the residents tried to help the other people who were inside Malibu. I guess the people in the Blazer didn’t appreciate it too much, and got into an altercation over it.”
(from WOAI-TV)



AlanDP said...

That's how some people get when they're drunk. I've never understood why, myself. Alcohol makes me even more mellow than usual.

In that general area there are several corners where people have erected memorials. Apparently getting killed by traffic there is not entirely unheard of. All those north-south-running "San" streets on the west side are very long and straight, and people zip through those stop signs all the time.

paceves3 said...

The accident actually happened on the corner of my Grandma's street. W.Durango and S.San Eduardo Ave.

My cousin told me that the guys who hit the Mom & kids flipped. The girl that was with them flew out the back side window. I was told they were either drunk or on drugs. The fact that they were trying to fight my neighbors for helping the Mom get her kids out of the car is a damn shame.

Albatross said...

I guess some people just can't hold their liquor.