Monday, January 12, 2009

Someone who has been thinking too much

And, just to outcreep the creepiness of the guy in the previous post, here's this shining example of humanity.
A 58-year-old man was charged with improper photography after sheriff's officials said they found a hidden camera in his teenage stepdaughter's bedroom.

Sheriff's officials told KSAT 12 News they also found a flat-panel television in the family's garage with a live image coming from the 16-year-old's bedroom.

"She advised that upon entering the back garage, she noticed a flat screen TV on the center near the entrance of the garage, and she noticed what she recognized to be her bedroom," Bexar County Sheriff's public information officer Ino Badillo said.


The man has been married to the girl's mother for 10 years, sheriff's officials said. The girl's mother declined to comment when contacted by KSAT 12 News on Monday afternoon.
(from KSAT-12)

Yep, the guy was just dumbass enough to leave the feed on so the girl could discover it and alert the police. Thank God for small favors.

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