Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"High-rise For Seniors Still Empty"

Have you ever wondered how Robert Neville felt inside? The Guzmans know.

The Four Oaks Tower was supposed to have 24-hour security, a maintenance man, and other amenities. But instead, only two tenants ever moved in and the rest of the building is empty.

Inside the Four Oaks Tower, you'll find unfinished apartments, torn up floors, and building materials scattered everywhere. You won't find any tenants except for the Guzman family and one other couple.

"This was to be our retirement. He's 81 and I'm 82. And this was going to be it," said Velma Guzman, Four Oaks Tower tenant.

The Guzman's bought a luxury condo on the seventh floor early in 2006, when the building was originally called The Chancellor. Since then, the building has changed owners and construction was stalled.

Velma Guzman tells us they have no maintenance man and no one in the building to help them if something goes wrong.

(from WOAI-TV)

Charlton Heston or Will Smith might be able to help out. Except Heston's dead. Better get Smith on the phone.

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