Sunday, January 11, 2009

Someone who should have thought a little more

Teachers, guess what -- it's probably not a good idea to have sex with your students. Especially not if you teach middle school.

And it's definitely not a good idea to take pictures and send them to the student.
A Heritage Middle School teacher is arrested after the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office says he sexually assaulted one of his students and used his cell phone to tape the assaults.

Bryan Kung has bonded out of jail. He’s facing charges of sexual assault on a child and possession of child pornography. Deputies say the alleged relationship began last March with the eighth grade student and 23-year-old Kung.

The mother of the student says she found naked pictures of the teacher on her daughter’s cell phone. Deputies tell News 4 WOAI that Kung admitted to sending them to the student
(from WOAI-TV)

Similar story as a warning here.


Dave said...

My God! Even if you set aside the creepiness of this guy violating the trust as a teacher, do we really want someone who is clearly so lacking in situational awareness to be teaching our children?

Is this guy the only person on the planet who realizes that everything you do on your cell phone is not only able to be retained by the person you send it to, but that with a search warrant, the phone company can show the authorities EVERYTHING you've been doing on the phone.

Albatross said...

Yes, definitely a lack of common sense -- all over the place.