Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Can of Beans Opens Up Lawsuit"

But it's not about the money, no sir.
A couple barbecuing for some friends finds an unexpected ingredient in their baked beans. They sent the contents of the can off to a lab and now they are suing food giant ConAgra.

This happened two years ago, no one went to the hospital no one even got sick [sic] -- so why the lawsuit?

Sauce and, of course, beans. That's what Rodolfo Zuniga and his fiancĂ©e Velma Dimas expected when they bought a can of ConAgra’s Ranch-Style [sic] Beans.

Zuniga says, “We were getting ready to eat and I opened up the can beans [sic] and put it in the pot.”

Velma even tasted the beans before noticing something besides beans in the pot.

She says, “To me it looked like a rat but then I started messing with it.”

What the couple says they found was a green-grayish blob, which a lab later determined was mold. They say they immediately called the 800 number on the can to alert ConAgra, which then offered the couple coupons worth $200.

(from WOAI-TV)

The $200 obviously wasn't enough, so they sued for more. But the story notes that "[b]ecause of how the lawsuit was filed the most the couple can get is $10,000." But, remember, it's not about the money!

On a side note, here is a close-up of the can's label that WOAI used to illustrate the story.

Does anyone else remember when Ranch Style Beans were Husband Pleasin'? I guess that phrase wasn't feministically correct and was changed somewhere along the way.

(Note to self: Buy some Ranch Style Beans the next time I'm at the store. It's been too long since I've had some.)


Kels said...

Weird... we eat these all the time! And we have never found any mysterious "blobs" in ours... Now I'll be paranoid anytime I eat canned food.

Albatross said...

I'm sure blobs happen in canned food from time to time. Nothing's completely perfect. Just don't eat the can that seems off.

But, news story or not, I'm really getting hungry for some Ranch Style Beans!

Unknown said...

OK. I had some. Now I'm satisfied, because them's some good beans!