Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Shooting for the stars, and not expecting them to fall

San Antonio City Council is refining the wish list it sent to the federal government in hopes of a boon from Obama's stimulus package. Nothing particularly strange there, but I did like Mayor Hardberger's quote in the KSAT story.

City officials began compiling the list as soon as President-elect Barack Obama floated the idea of an economic stimulus plan for cities. The ideas outlined would create about 23,000 jobs and includes San Antonio River improvements, multiple public works projects and other priorities.

"The truth is, we will probably get something, but we don't know how much, and I think it behooves everybody not to get their wish list up too high," Hardberger said. "It's kind of like asking Santa Claus for 25 things, but you're lucky enough to get a tricycle."

That's a good quote, and it portrays Hardberger as a genuinely fine and honest fellow. I don't agree with some of the things he has a vision for, but he seems like a nice guy, and I think he would probably be re-elected handily if he could run for mayor again.

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