Friday, January 23, 2009

Car crashes into house

If you get into an argument with someone in the car, you might want to hold off on the angry outbursts until you come to a stop. Otherwise, you might end up in a house.
An argument that began in a car ends in someone's kitchen. Police say the driver of a car was speeding down Henderson Pass while arguing with a passenger. That's when that driver lost control of the car and ended up going through the yard and inside a home on Laurel Hollow. No word tonight if that driver faces any charges.
(from KABB)


Dave said...

Why would the driver be charged? It was the car that crashed into the house.

Kels said...

LOL @ Dave! Seriously... it's uncanny how many cars crash into homes here! I'm sure it happens everywhere... and I probably wouldn't take much notice of the ones that happen here if I didn't have a hyper-awareness to the phenomenon now (largely from reading this blog!) BUT... SERIOUSLY! I fear I'll someday be a victim!