Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Cadets Stumble Upon Rape At Woodlawn Park"

This is unusual. And fortunate.

Several cadets training for the Bexar County Sheriff's Department got some true on-the-job training as they watched their instructors take down a man they say was raping a woman.

The rescue happened at Woodlawn Lake Park, just West of [d]owntown Wednesday morning.

Deputies from the Bexar County Sheriff's Department had just arrived with their cadets for training when they heard screams coming from the men's restroom.

"We had a female that was screaming," explained Bexar C[o]unty Training Instructor Joseph Canales. "She was totally nude, so we ran to investigate and upon arrival, she was fighting with a male."

The instructors took him down, giving the cadets some real-life training. And then the news crew confronted the man, who obviously forgets that you should never talk to the media while in handcuffs.

News 4's Kristina De Leon: "Were you raping that woman?"

Suspect: "No, ma'am. I tried to, uh, I went inside and trying to take a...use the restroom, and she came out screaming."

However, deputies believe the blood stains created when the woman hit her head on the rock wall and her cries for help tell a different story.

Yeah, the authorities aren't believing him so easily. By the way, nice Spurs shirt, dude.


Kels said...

Again, I'm glad when criminals are caught in the act. Especially in this case... that poor woman will probably have nightmares for quite some time if not the rest of her life due to that traumatic experience.

AlanDP said...

I expect to do a route today that goes alongside that park. I NEVER use those public restrooms in those little parks. They are far too dangerous. One of the old-timers told me once, "If you ever use a restroom like that, always take your hook in with you." Because you will likely need a weapon. I just don't go inside them.

Kels said...

alandp, that is a CREEPY thought... Of course I have a woman's perspective on why I don't use those restrooms... they STINK and are dirty! But now knowing I'd have to keep a makeshift knife with me to be safe is more reason not to use one...!