Friday, June 13, 2008

"Police Capture Courthouse Escapee"

When looking for escapees, look under the baby.

From KSAT-12:

Robert Reece, 24, was in court on a family violence warrant when he rushed out of the courtroom, still handcuffed, Bexar County sheriff's officials said.

"The guy with cuffs ran right out the front door," witness Marcus Washington said. "With his cuffs like this, he grabs his baby and covers his cuffs up and walks right out the exit door."

Authorities said Reece obtained keys to his girlfriend's car and was able to elude capture at the courthouse.

"One of our detectives that works auto theft saw him and saw the handcuffs and tried to stop him, but he was able to get away," Deputy Sheriff Ino Badillo said.

After locating Reece at his apartment, he didn't immediately surrender, police said.
"It was obvious he was there because the girls were hindering, not letting officers... go on in," SAPD Sgt. Brian Custard said. "He poked his head up the window and yelled, 'I ain't going back.'"

Reece escaped to the roof of the apartment, but a circling police helicopter spotted him immediately, fording Reece to sit on the roof.

He eventually gave up.

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