Monday, June 09, 2008

"Chihuahuas run for racing glory"

Who can resist racing chihuahuas?

From Eva Ruth Moravec at the Express-News:

SEGUIN — Conditions were perfect at the racetrack here Saturday. The aroma of roasted chicken legs and carne guisada tacos teased the racers' nostrils, and owners encouraged them to run.

Yet run they did not.

The majority of the 26 Chihuahuas that participated in the Seguin-Guadalupe County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's fourth annual Chihuahua races never left the starting gate; other Chihuahuas ran halfway across the track, then retreated.

But one proud pooch, Daisy, took her heat and the championship title of the fastest Chihuahua around — despite her post-maternity figure. Last year, she received an honorable mention.

“She's much lazier this year because she had puppies,” said Seguin resident Rachel Olivares before Daisy dazzled spectators.

Of course, my personal favorite is the floating chihuahua of Fiesta.

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