Monday, June 16, 2008

Picking up the sword

In Leon Valley, a suburb of San Antonio, the City Council voted to develop a system of trails in one of the few undeveloped portions of town, but "not before getting an earful from neighborhood residents who don’t want a welcome mat to the public in their backyards." [from the Northwest Weekly]

The citizens are concerned about criminal elements having easy access to their properties, but two of the councilmen assured the residents that they would protect them. And they used a phrase you might not expect in a modern confrontation between citizens and elected officials.

Councilmen Art Reyna and Jack Dean vowed to “pick up the sword” on the trail should residents’ fears become realized.

Actually, I kind of like that imagery. I only wish it were literal. Who can resist the thought of councilmen girding for battle and patroling the trails with medieval weaponry to keep the ruffians at bay?


Dave said...

Yea, well let's hope he'll pick up the sword at night. I'm all for green spaces and trails and such, but I'm afraid the residents fears are probably founded in some reality.

The greenspace just inside my neighborhood is quite the hangout for little punks after dark and makes a great place to run to when hiding from security or police, or practice their tagging skills.

Sad. Why not a few signs that say, "Enjoy the trails. If you do anything bad, you'll be slashed with a sword." That ought to make things better.

Albatross said...

Even better: signs that say, "By doing anything bad, you FULLY ACCEPT THE RISK of being slashed with a sword."

Jaywalker said...

There is a "green" area behind my mom-in-law's house. Kids on dirtbikes and ATV's continually come into her backyard. One night some person drove their truck up through her backyard onto her driveway and then out onto the it was a normal shortcut or something. What if she had been outside walking the dog or whatever. It's nuts!