Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban safari

Seen in downtown San Antonio, the elusive round-hoofed hardhead segwaybeast. They often travel in packs, though they are rarely aggressive and tend to shy away from other urban fauna.

If you see one -- or even a group -- watch them carefully, but don't get too close. They may become agitated if blocked from their normal tourist routes.


Sabra said...

I've seen a guy with a prosthetic on a Segway a few times (not downtown, over by where I used to live). He's about the only one with an excuse.

Those tours drive my mother nuts when she has her walker, especially with their propensity for stopping blocking the ramps at the crosswalks.

Albatross said...

C'mon, mere pedestrian! Clear the way for the segwaybeasts!

Of course, your mom could actually assert her rights as a person of footpower and claim as much sidewalk space as her walker will allow. It might even look something like this.