Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feed microtoxins swine udder

Yep. That's probably the strangest search string that ever led somebody to this blog.

What's yours?


Keith Alan K said...

Is this the entry that they found?

When I used to check my stats I never really found any interesting searches. Some of my posts used to be titled with song and book names, so I got some disappointed visitors who only stayed for 2 seconds.

Sabra said...

I had to go looking. I haven't had anything weird in a while (lots of hits lately for "trailor [sic] park country song" and variants), but I recalled having discussed it on MySpace a while back. I was, at one point, the number one Google result for "love financial guru" and number 4 for "guy going out to a bar alone".

No swine udders, but I do seem to get a lot of hits for people in foreign countries looking for breastfeeding pictures, which squicks me out somewhat.

Albatross said...

I'm not sure where the search led the seeker. Usually when I try to follow the links, I end up with a whole month's worth of SinSA posts, and it takes a little sleuthing to figure out which one registered on the search.

That's what you get for putting lipstick on a pig!

C'mon, you know them foreigners are just trying to learn the correct technique. Nothing salacious at all, I'm sure.

AlanDP said...

what does it mean if a lechusa lands in front of your house

how to summon Nyarlathotep

ftaghn monty python

what does "Murolces odro suvon sitpeoc tiunna" mean?

anime fans for the 2nd amendment

hemorrhoid cream and gang misconduct

what is the medicine for drinking expired Lipton tea

texas house resolution jack the ripper

pit bulls AND poetry AND Texas

raccoon stinger

zombie pumpkins

Albatross said...

Zombie pumpkins are always awesome. Or, as they say in the old country, "Murolces odro suvon sitpeoc tiunna!"