Saturday, August 07, 2010

How to look inviting

I wonder if Dave has eaten here.


AlanDP said...


I first this at Painted Ocean and was going to leave a comment there that you should have put it on this site.

Dave said...

They should at least post a menu near the door.

Anonymous said...

Haha-I was gonna take a pic of this as well the other day-by 1000 Oaks right?

Albatross said...

Actually, this place is on St. Mary's Street just south of downtown. This side of the building faces the King William neighborhood. But now I'm interested in that place you mention on 1000 Oaks! Is it just as stylish a place as this one?

Dave, I agree. They should post a menu. Then we could tell if they were open. (I'm a little afraid to knock on the door!)