Monday, August 09, 2010

Overusing "green"

It's official. The concept of "green" now means absolutely nothing. Or it means everything, depending on your view.

In Terrell Hills the legal speed limit is actually 30 miles per hour. But residents want to slow drivers down with plenty of visual reminders. They have put up an astonishing number of signs asking drivers to slow down to 20 miles per hour.

The signs started showing up in yards after a group of neighbors started a new program called the 20 Green Project.

The whole point is to make the area a safer environment for children, walkers, runners, cyclists, and animals by asking drivers to voluntarily slow down.

The program started in May with just a handful of signs, but within just 60days it reached a total of 400 signs.

Supporters say they knew they couldn't legally change the speed limit to 20 miles per hour and feel this was their best alternative.

The Terrell Hills police chief says the city is in support of the idea.
(from KENS-5)

From this, can you tell what the "green" in these crazy signs actually means?

Does "green" mean money? No, this is a volunteer effort, and no one seems to be making any money (except for the sign maker).

Does "green" mean better for the environment? I don't think so, because environmental benefits are mentioned nowhere in the article.

Does "green" mean safe? That seems to be the gist of what these neighbors are doing, but they don't give any reasons why they think the color green should be particularly associated with safety. Green does not mean "slow down" in any context that I am aware of. In fact, it means go in every town that has a traffic light, and that specifically means "step on the gas, buddy; you're holding up traffic."

It boggles the mind. This project seems very ill-conceived, and I can't really understand why any police department would support this effort.


AlanDP said...

I've seen those moronic signs already.

Just try driving 20 through there with one of the natives behind you sometime.

Bob S. said...

Hey, I have an idea for them. Instead of asking the drivers to spend more gas, more time on their street -- how about asking the children, walkers, runners and cyclists to be more careful.

Teach the kids not to run out into traffic and ask the parents to stay out in the yard and watch young ones.

Teach the walkers and runners what sidewalks are for --- and ask them to watch for traffic before they disobey traffic laws.

Teach the cyclists to obey the laws, ride on the correct side of the road, stop at stop signs (just like cars) and ask them to respect the laws.

Frank Zieglar said...

Maybe the police plan to ticket people for impeding traffic - only reason I can see to support it.

Maybe I could make signs that say '75 RED' for areas I want to speed.