Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting back to basics

I've heard of natural childbirth, but this is a bit much.
SAN ANTONIO -- Trenton David Dietrich is about 2 days old. He was due on Sunday, but early Thursday morning, he decided he was ready to come into this world -- on the front lawn.

He came so fast, his mother, Hildie Dietrich, said she didn't even have time to make it to the hospital.

"By the time I got downstairs and out to the car, she was laying on the ground saying, 'Call 911,'" the baby's father, David Dietrich, said.

On the grass in the Dietrichs' front yard is where Trenton was born.
(from KSAT-12)

Bonus strangeness: What the parents decided to give the kid as a nickname.
She said she and her husband are hoping this grand entrance means big things for the little guy.

"He was born a little star. We call him 'Slider' because he slid into home base," Hildie Dietrich said.
Let's hope no one confuses him with a little hamburger.


Sabra said...

She'd have been better off staying inside. None of mine have come quickly, so I don't know how much warning you'd really have, but inside on the couch (or in the bed) seems much better than in the front yard.

I now have a short term goal of not making your blog with this baby's birth!

But...Slider? An acquaintance of mine had her son in the minivan on the way to the hospital. He was christened Rocket Baby. Seems much nicer to me.

Frank Zieglar said...

Funny story, but they should'a called him St. Augustine...

Anonymous said...

We actually tried to get into our car, and I was only ground, then he came, my other 2 children children I did not have on my own, hospital induction, I went from no labor to full blown labor, He was born befor military police could get to my house, he came super fast and caught us all off guard. We really did not have a choice, i mean really think about it, plus I am happy I did not ruin my furniture or car, that myu child had somehwere without amniotic fluid come into, Plus he was born in my husbands hands and wrapped up.