Saturday, August 28, 2010

Truck crashes into home

And it takes out two fences along the way!
The crash happened just before 10 p.m. on Friday night.

According to the police report, a truck was traveling southbound on Bynum Avenue when it changed lanes at an unsafe speed and lost control.

The report also said that the truck went over the median, through two chain link fences and through the house.

Dolores Solis and her family were sitting in the front room when they heard the crash in their home.

"It was pretty loud, said Solis. "I mean it shook the entire house, all the way to the living room."
(from KSAT-12)

No one was hurt, but there is some bonus strangeness, specifically this description:
"A truck-size tire flew through the window and it landed in the middle of the floor of her bedroom," said Solis. "Had she'd been there she could have been struck by the tire or the glass."
A truck-size tire? We already know the offending vehicle was a truck, so any tire on it could be assumed to be the right size for a truck. That is, unless you own this:


Or maybe she meant the tire itself was a big as a truck, maybe like this?


It's hard to tell. What do you think?

P.S.: Holy crap! A tire flew off the truck when it crashed in to the house? Dang, that's some impact!


Dave said...

Did the truck-sized tire have a moped-sized wheel attached to it? That would have been really strange.

Two fences, a tree and a house. Not bad for a single outing.

Mr. D. said...

I'm glad you think its funny. I hope this does not happen to you or your family. Many facts were ommited by police. This drunk driver was not charged and in the police report it say an animal was in the way. And yes "truck sized tire" so you get the idea of what happened. Its called being specific. Just read comments on any blog...even in print people get it wrong. Police did not investigate the length of the crash which starts a block away from here with absolutely no brakes from there to here. Seems to me any sober driver would have hit the brakes at some point. Video can be found here: watch?v=xZ4EFiBINp0 I put it up on youtube since the police had no need for the video.