Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Student arrested for allegedly plotting attack against Marshall High School"

Holy crap. This high school is just down the road from me.
SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio teenager is arrested after plotting an attack at his high school. San Antonio police arrested the 16 year old after he bragged on an online gaming system about his plan to shoot students at Marshall High School.

The Marshall High School student was playing XBOX 360 Live, a gaming system that allows players to talk live with other players from across the world. San Antonio police say the teen was telling a stranger in Canada details about how he planned to shoot a pregnant girl at school and shoot his best friend in the face.


News 4 WOAI contacted Northside Independent School District officials and they tell us San Antonio police notified Marshall High School administration. SAPD officers met with both the principal and the student before arresting the teen. School officials say during that meeting, the boy said what he did was “a stupid mistake”. School officials also tell News 4 WOAI that they believe the boy is “remorseful” and that there was “no serious threat”. The student has been suspended from the school indefinitely.
(from WOAI-TV)

Stupid, stupid, stupid teen. Cops take this kind of talk seriously. If he was just joking around, I hope he realizes now how not funny it is to talk about killing your friends. It's dumb talk, and it doesn't really make you cool to speak that way. It's too bad that he has to go to jail to learn not to be such a punk-ass, but if it works and there's one less punk-ass on the streets, so be it.

If, however, he really was serious about shooting up the school, I'm glad he was stupid enough to talk about it so someone could call the authorities on him.

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