Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Sheriff Proposes 'Cite And Release' Program"

Yeah, I'm not sure I'm going to like this idea.
If all goes as planned, shoplifters or someone driving with an invalid driver's license wouldn't have to go to jail. Instead, they would get slapped with a citation and a court date.

"They are non-violent offenses," [Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo] Ortiz said. "They are not a threat to the community, so I think it is a waste of time to bring them in. They're going to be released anyway."

It's all part of the "Cite and Release" program.

Ortiz said just citing those thousands of small-time violators would save manpower, tax payers' money and ease jail overcrowding.
(from KSAT-12)

"They're going to be released anyway."

I'm not sure I want to hear my local law-enforcement honchos talking this way. Shoplifting? What about purse-snatching? Breaking into a car? Are all of these crimes -- and similar violations -- really going to be treated with the same sense of seriousness as a traffic ticket? Five miles over the limit? Expired parking meters?

The sheriff is proposing this, but the DA's office isn't on board with it.
District attorney spokesman Cliff Herberg said that while it is a program proposed by the Sheriff's Department, it is not supported by Susan Reed. She believes it would be too easy for someone to give a false ID. Also, he said she does not support the program because it does not involve checking people for warrants, which could get wanted persons off the streets.
Meanwhile, we're trying to run out any sexiness that might be on display in this town. Oh, but, by all means, shoplift away. Just make sure you pay your fine.

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