Sunday, February 28, 2010

Speaking your mind

I'm generally for people speaking their minds, especially if it is a criminal who talks too much and helps the case against him. So, as a whole, I don't mind this odd outburst from a strange criminal, but I'm sure all kinds of public defenders are seeing this and whispering in their minds, Shut up! Just shut up!For Pete's sake, say nothing!
Officers from several agencies chased a driver north of Pearsall up Interstate 35, across Frio County. It ended near Poteet in Atascosa County. Investigators say that man, Juan Carlos Tijerina, sped through the two counties with suspected illegal immigrants in the trunk. At times, speeds reached 100 miles per hour. Tijerina was tased after officials say he put up a fight. Tijerina tells us he was kidnapped and the driver of the car ran away. [So he kept driving? --ed.]

"I have a murder charge that I've been fighting since 2009, aggravated assault on the elderly," said Tijerina. "The Atascosa cops have been real bad with me. I've been thinking they're picking the charges up on purposes." [Certainly more than one purpose, I'm sure. --ed.]

Tijerina is accused of killing a man in Pleasanton in 2009. Tonight, he's facing several new charges.
(from KABB-29)

I predict many court appearances in the future for Mr. Tijerina.

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