Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pulling out the turtle

Got a blocked sewer line? Check it out -- it might be a turtle. Just don't bother asking how it got down there. You might not want to know.
What began as an investigation into a blocked sewer line turned into a rescue mission of sorts.

A turtle stuck [sic] in a pipe in the ally [sic] behind a home on Allendale Drive, near South General McMullen Drive.

Crews sent a video line down the sewer line to see what was blocking it and found a turtle wedged in the line.

Crews then had to dig the pipe up to get the turtle out.
(from KSAT-12)

No word on what ninja weapon he used on them, though.

But there is a bit of bonus strangeness, too. When asked about the turtle, an official said this:
"She is a red-eared slider and ... we're going to take her and release her back into the wild where she'll hopefully live a long, happy life," said San Antonio Water Systems spokeswoman Sarah Gatewood.
And the great big wild area they released the turtle into? Woodlawn Lake. Not exactly the back country over there.

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