Thursday, February 04, 2010

Protecting you from yourself

It must be sweeps month, because here is KSAT-12 trying to warn us about something dangerous in our own homes!

The headline is:

"Common Household Product Can Injure, Maim"

And the subhead is:

"Aerosol Cans Pose Threat When Punctured Near Flame"

Gee, thanks for the heads-up. Now excuse me while I go rewire the outdoor light fixture while it's raining.

1 comment:

Bob S. said...

Maybe they should also tell people that the burners on a stove can get hot, that they shouldn't stick a fork in the toaster and not to take a shower using only the hot water.

Good grief! this is ridiculous.

I think the mom should have her kids taken away. She was using the paint can in an enclosed, unventilated areas.

Isn't that child endangerment?