Saturday, November 08, 2008


Or chupacabras?

You decide.

SAN ANTONIO -- Some apartment tenants are being extra cautious when roaming around their southwest side complex as nearby animals are going hog wild.

A gap beneath an iron fence nearby Miller's Pond is allowing javelinas to run through the neighborhood and scaring residents.

"When you hear, like noise in the Dumpster, you know that they're there," one resident said.

Some nearby residents said they even have to jump on cars to escape the scary swine.

"We were pretty scared, and every time we tried to get off so we could run back to the apartment, they wouldn't let us," an apartment resident said. "We got stuck there for 10 to 15 minutes."

(from KSAT-12)


AlanDP said...

There's less reason to be afraid of javelinas than of wild dogs. If fact, I would be more concerned about human safety if it was a deer rooting through garbage than a mere javelina. They simply are not as dangerous as everyone thinks.

Also, they aren't swine. They're peccaries. They are just as closely related to the pig as they are to the hippopotamus.

Now, if these are actually wild hogs, that is something to be much more concerned about. They are enormous and strong, compared to the tiny javelina, and capable of causing a lot of damage.

But if these are really only javelina, those people need to just get over it.

AlanDP said...

"and every time we tried to get off so we could run back to the apartment, they wouldn't let us"

Total bull****.

Kels said...

This would've been more fun if the people would've tried convincing everyone that they were chupacabras!

One of these days... I WILL SEE ONE!

Albatross said...

Ah, Alan, but deer are so cute, they couldn't possibly hurt anyone (ahem, despite pointed antlers and sharp hooves). Them peccaries are so ugly, they just gots to be dangerous.

Of course, if that were truly the case, possums would have to be the most dangerous creatures in North America.

Oh, and Kels, just wait. You will see one some day, but your odds would probably be better if you lived out in Cuero.

Kels said...

I HAVE FAMILY IN CUERO! Maybe I should make more of an effort to visit...! lol