Saturday, November 01, 2008

"Human Body Fluids Found in Ceiling Still Haunt Condo Owner"


SAN ANTONIO -- A man commits suicide and isn't found until weeks later. His body fluids actually soaked through the floor of his condo and into the unit below. It's a story News 4 told you about two years ago. And the fight to have that ceiling cleaned is still going on.

News 4's Delaine Mathieu investigates who is responsible for the clean-up and why someone may be headed to court.

"I can actually see the holes upstairs where the blood dripped down through." Charlie Moore, who owns Crime Clean of Texas, is back out at the Diamond Head Condos near the medical center.

Moore and his team were at the complex two years ago to clean up a gruesome suicide scene in the condo above Mike Dunlop's unit.

Moore says body fluid from that victim is still in the ceiling and Dunlop wants it gone.

"It's awful," says Dunlop. "For two years, I'm living with this smell on and off. And there's dead fluids."

(from WOAI-TV)


Isn't this just one more reason not to off yourself to solve problems? If you do it wrong, you can really mess up someone else's life as well.


Dave said...

"dead fluids". That's just wrong.

Albatross said...

On many levels.

Anonymous said...

I wonder ! Did they ever get the nasty stuff cleaned up? I guess if you never get it removed, something will eat it and crawl into another apartment.Then the dog will eat it and then lick your face... yuuuk