Saturday, November 01, 2008

"4 Stabbed At Halloween Party"

Well, this is one way to ensure no one invites you to another party.

Police said the party was being held overnight at a home in the 12000 block of Course View Road.

Officers said apparently some of the party goers got a little rowdy and were asked to leave by the homeowners. The culprits then came back later armed with knives, police said.

When they arrived at the home at about 4 a.m., officers said they found a man with a knife lodged in his lower back, and three others with stab wounds.

(from KSAT-12)

The report says that the police know who did this and are tracking them down. Two of the victims are in critical condition.


Dave said...

Wow, what do you suppose they'll do for Thanksgiving?

Kels said...

Maybe they'll throw someone in the peanut oil when they're frying their turkey! ;-)

This story is crazy!!! People and their stupidity or evil never cease to amaze me.

Albatross said...

I wonder what happens when Santa doesn't bring them a present.