Friday, October 17, 2008

"Bikini Car Wash Replaced by WWJD Car Wash"

Remember the action San Antonio City Council sprung into after hearing about a bikini car wash? Now the business that originally caused all the fuss has been replaced by a "cleaner" car wash.

SAN ANTONIO - The Bikini Car Wash on South Flores has closed. Now a business has moved in that claims it's run by a higher power.

The "What Would Jesus Do" Car Wash opened its doors this week. It moved in after the Bikini Car Wash went out of business.

(from WOAI-TV. Hat tip - Ellen)

On a positive note, at least City Council now seems serious about going after taggers.

In approving the city's legislative agenda, the council directed city staff to work with Bexar County lawmakers to draw up proposals that would significantly toughen graffiti laws. The proposals would be considered by the next Legislature, which convenes in January.

The council's get-tough wish list also includes a surtax on the purchase of aerosol spray paint cans; a list of convicted taggers — much like the one required for registered sex offenders — and a sliding schedule that ties fines to the amount of monetary damage caused.

Convicted taggers now face anywhere from a Class B misdemeanor to a jail-time felony, depending on the severity of the offense and the type of paint used, a San Antonio police spokeswoman said.

(from the Express-News)

I don't know if that spray paint surtax will do much good, but perhaps the stiffer fines and jail-time will.

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