Thursday, October 02, 2008

More rabies in town

Don't feed the cats! Especially the little kittens!

From the Express-News:

An elderly man who fed stray cats in his Oak Hills neighborhood was bitten by a kitten that has tested positive for rabies, health officials said Wednesday.

It was the second rabid cat identified in Bexar County this year — a highly unusual occurrence. And it comes as a nationwide shortage of human post-exposure rabies vaccine is worsening.

The man, identified only as being in his 80s, is undergoing post-exposure rabies treatment, said Christine Patmon, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Health District.


Rabies in domestic animals — dogs and cats — is uncommon in Bexar County, which has reported a single case every few years, predominantly in cats. It is much more common in wild animals.

This year, rabies has been confirmed in 17 animals locally — eight bats, seven skunks and now two cats. The first cat was infected by a skunk strain of rabies. The type of virus that infected the most recent cat has not yet been determined.

I hope that man pulls through this ordeal.

But it bears repeating: If the animal isn't yours, it's probably best to leave it alone. Rabies is a horrible disease.


AlanDP said...

I wonder why there's a vaccine shortage.

They should also start looking into mange. From my view on the streets, mange is worse in dogs than it used to be. It won't be long before S.A. starts having "chupacabra" sightings because of all the mangy stray dogs.

Albatross said...

I had heard at one time that mange can be healed by coating a dog in motor oil. If so, then perhaps 10W-30 is to a chupacabra what holy water is to a vampire!

AlanDP said...

I guess anything that will kill the mites without killing the dog will work.

I've only had to deal with it once, a dog that I rescued, and I just used commercial mange dip. It worked fine.