Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Skeletons found in North Side condo"

This is an unfortunate discovery.

Police are trying to determine what caused the deaths of two people whose skeletal remains were found inside an upscale North Side condominium.

A painter spotted bones about 11:30 a.m. in the 17100 block of Vardon Way while peering through a window as he prepared to paint the exterior of the residential building.


“It’s definitely a mystery,” said Officer Teresa Velazquez of the San Antonio Police Department. "The cause of death is unknown right now."

Authorities believe the remains were of a woman in her 30s and her 10-year-old son – both of whom had not been seen in many months.

"Right now we're listing the victims as John and Jane Doe because we can't be sure," Velazquez said.

A representative of the property management company said the woman and boy who lived there were Hurricane Katrina evacuees. The apartment complex had recently issued an eviction notice.

(from the Express-News)

"Upscale" condominium? I'm not trying to sound insensitive (and the deaths are certainly tragic), but how does FEMA get to place hurricane evacuees in an "upscale" condominium? And why are they still there three years after the storm?

This story has me scratching my head in a few different places.


Kels said...

In reference to your last quote, you'd be SURPRISED! I was helping my friend find an apartment yesterday and we found one... gated, REALLY nice landscaping and the units themselves... and guess what?! They are for LOW INCOME people... if you make too much, you can't live there! CRAZY! They're living better than the middle class!!!

In reference to the article... creepy...! Just in time for Halloween... I wonder if they'll determine that these individuals were murdered and left to wither away to skeletal remains. It's odd that they are JUST now realizing... I mean, was the place covered for months in advance... they're JUST NOW sending an eviction notice..? And the other option is creepier... that those people don't even live there... someone else does... and has been living with dead people in the unit not giving them a proper burial and such.

AlanDP said...

Well, there's this line: "The Federal Emergency Management Agency placed the family in the condo, which is owned by Fannie Mae through a foreclosure, said the property manager, who asked that her name not be published." So that explains how FEMA was able to use the condo.

I hope they are able to determine how they died. They probably weren't exactly "skeletal" if the painter was still able to smell something from outside.