Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Photo Shows Teens [sic] Girls With Alcohol"

Wow, is it sweeps month already?

WOAI has a rather odd story to get your attaention.

A school district is investigating what appears to be a case of underage drinking, and the three high school girls involved may be in a lot of trouble if a bottle they're pictured with turns out to be what it looks like.

The photo showing underage girls holding what appears to be a bottle of liquor showed up anonymously in News 4's email inbox Tuesday. Two of the girls are students at John Marshal [sic] High School, the third attends Brandeis High School. District officials are trying to determine if the picture are [sic] real.

"If, in fact, the picture turns out to be legitimate and these students were, in fact, drinking liquor, that's a very serious offense," said Pascual Gonzalez of NISD.

But, if not, the district is still going to be very serious. Just in case.

School district officials want to make sure it's clear that even if the photo isn't real, the behavior pictured in the photo is not the way the district expects its student to act.
So, if you're in high school, you shouldn't be posing with alcohol. But, if the whole thing is a fake photo, then you shouldn't be doing---- what, posing in fake photos? Holding pretend alcohol? Acting out a behavior instead of actually engaging in the behavior?

I need some help here. I'm really trying to understand the district's position in that second blockquote.


Sheila said...

Another mess, that's for sure !!!
Somehow we've got to get the message through to our youth, that Alcohol can & does cause severe health afflictions, 99% of which have no cure. I've sent this message out to many students, only to be ignored.......Ha, but I remember 35 yrs ago, being that age, I thought older people were all seniors & my friends & I knew everything !!!
Well, apparently not !!
I just hope they won't pay health wise, the way many of us are now !!

Kels said...

Wow... well, I think the district probably wants to give the impression that they are proactive in anti-alcohol consumption/suggestion tactics. I mean, they certainly wouldn't want to be considered as the lax district when it comes to these issues.

I think my question is who sent the pictures to News 4... and why.