Friday, October 24, 2008

"Trouble was evident at condo where skeletons found"

The story was strange long before the skeletons were found.

Brenda Gilbert and her son moved into the Canyon Creek Village condominiums with the joy of starting a new life after they fled Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Soon after her arrival in 2006, it became clear to neighbors that Gilbert was a deeply troubled soul who spoke of demons trying to force her from the condo in the 17100 block of Vardon Way and cult members assaulting her every night.

On Tuesday, authorities discovered the skeletal remains of two people inside Gilbert’s residence near Blanco Road and Loop 1604. The identities and causes of death are unknown, but police suspect autopsies will reveal Gilbert and her son, Fabian, died there months ago.


She would often knock at neighbors’ doors after midnight complaining of demons, and she threw out all the furniture they had given her, [president of the Canyon Creek Village Homeowners Association Roosevelt] Eubanks said. She would ask neighbors to give her rides to various churches and quickly leave the houses of worship complaining that Satan was inside, [neighbor Susan] Weekly said.

(from the Express-News; previous post here)

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Rene' said...

My coment is to this news station is that i'm a family member of this person and there is a lot of questions to be answered. Everyone is going on a possible of that this is my aunt and cousin, but what do u have to go on just a lil piece of paper and nothing else. She was not 30 yrs old that was a mistake, so if no one knows then they need to find the facts before speaking out. Yes she have family here in Louisiana and we are all here going on what this is sayin. Question, what if she shows up today what would u have to say then? The next question, where is there personal belongings? 3rd question, why we were not notified until now, that there was a problem. The way it was worded was wrong as hell. Now we have 2 kids here that belongs to the possible dead and they want answers. No one can give us that due to the fact that they are going on a lease that was purchase by fema in MS Gilbert's name. Now like u know and i know, that could be anyone remains without the proper id's. You should not be naming them until everyting is completed, so my thing is fema can place anyone where they want to. They have the goverment money to help so why not let them do their jobs, Just as well as if someone dies in a place, there will be signs, like odors, flies and other thing that feeds on fleash. If my aunt was issued and eviction notice? Why wasn't the police department a part of it when she didn't answer her door or phone. You know as well as i do, if and evicition is served and the resident don't respond the police responds and help the manager with it, he should have went into the apartment to find out if everything was ok, since this was a so call up scale apartment. I know there were rules and regulations to follow, so why he didn't do his job. Yes i'm talking about you Mr. Joe Davalos. To me it just seem like he just didn't care what went on there. Well I will get to the bottom of this and we will find out the truth of what happen.

The Family of the Gilberts