Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Councilwoman Targeting Car Washes"

I think San Antonio City Council in its current make-up is going to end up making things bad for a lot of businesses in this town simply because they don't like the display of boobs.

First, Diane Cibrian wanted to change the city code to regulate all restaurants just because she couldn't stomach a strip club opening in her district. And now, as KSAT-12 reports, Jennifer Ramos wants to regulate all car washes just because one in her district is staffed by girls in bikinis.

SAN ANTONIO -- Criticism was vocal after a car wash staffed by bikini-clad women opened on the city's south side in early May, and it's prompted that district's councilwoman to push for tighter regulations on car wash facilities.

District 3 Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos said businesses like the Bikini Car Wash that opened in her district don't belong near schools, churches and neighborhoods.

"There's a place and area for these types of car washes," she said. "What I'm looking at is trying to put specifications, so that when a business or property owner goes in to get a zoning request, they'll need to get one for car washes."


Ramos said she's not specifically targeting the Bikini Car Wash [yeah, right --ed.], but she said that if her proposal were passed, it would regulate all types of car washes in San Antonio.

Now, can she just do something about taggers? Please?


Kels said...

I agree... taggers are EQUALLY important... especially their impact on schools and churches... I'm speaking from experience, it's sad when you're trying to make a difference with elementary kiddos and there's tags all over the outside of the school and some of them think it's "cool." Just when you think you've finally taken a step forward with them... you realize you have taken 2 steps back.

While I think that tagging is more of a priority... I do think that having establishments like this within a certain distance of schools/churches is next on the list. Again, when you're trying to make a difference you don't want kiddos that could go places to think that it'd be "cool" to be a bikini clad car-washer. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that... but (at least for me) the goal of a teacher is to get your kids to be the best they could possibly be... now and in their future lives.

Dave said...

Look, I am all for saving the children from things that might harm them. But in the case of Diane Cibrian and the Boobie Rock strip place, the children would be required to produce an ID and pay a cover charge to see anything "harmful". What Ms. Cibrian was doing was catering to the crowd who know that their own husbands would be tempted to see strippers at home, the same way they do when they go on business trips.

This other council lady, in my opinion has more of a case in the "harmful to children arena" but she isn't willing to come right out and say it.

If there was anything harmful about children seeing ladies in bikinis, the City of San Antonio would have to shut down all the pools owned by the parks department. The real issue is that the girls in bikinis are supposedly washing the cars in a suggestive, potentially lewd way. Otherwise, why would a guy pay extra just to see some chick in a normal bikini he can see at the pool wash his car? So technically, if a kid crossing the street saw that, maybe you could argue it was harmful.

Why doesn't she just come out and say it? Tell us that she is afraid her husband will drive over to the car wash and pay for some 18 year-old, soon to be stripper rub her bikini top covered breasts all over his windshield? And have a little school kid see her husband while he is at it.

This isn't about kids or schools and believe me - by the time those kids hit the age where they would even be interested in girls in bikinis washing cars, thier female classmates are sending them lewd pictures of themselves on cell phones.

No, this is about prudish busy-bodies trying to stop some businessman who has figured out a different way to make money, because they are worried that their own husbands might need a quick waxing.