Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Barrios was shot with an arrow"

If you live in this town, you have most likely heard about the tragic death of local restaurateur Viola Barrios. She started Los Barrios, a popular restaurant on Blanco Road, and then her family opened up another one a bit farther north. She was found dead in her burning home last Thursday, and police arrested her 18-year-old next-door neighbor.

It's all pretty sad, but the strange part is the killer's choice of weapon.

Michelle Mondo and Elizabeth Allen of the Express-News report:

Before setting fire to the bedroom of restaurateur Viola B. Barrios, the 18-year-old neighbor accused in her slaying fired a single arrow into the elderly woman’s head, according to a search warrant affidavit released Wednesday.

The arrow remained lodged in Barrios’ skull and was detected by an X-ray during a postmortem examination, the affidavit said.

The cause of her death, an official with the medical examiner’s office said Wednesday, was a “penetrating injury to the head.”

There's more strangeness with the man who has been arrested, Joe Estrada, but the whole episode is sad. Mrs. Barrios was well-known in this town, and she was even on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay", so she got some national exposure as well. I know her family will miss her, as will many of the friends she made along the way.


Kels said...

I didn't realize that she was shot with an arrow. That's very sad and brings back terrible memories of a neighbor from where I lived as a child. He and his son (a very close friend of my brother and I) moved away... several years after they moved we saw on the news a report of a man that was shot by a sniper with an arrow and killed... and they released the name of the victim... the father of our friend. It was surreal... and very odd that someone would be shot with an arrow... but I guess from the "killer's" perspective... there wouldn't be any noise with the shot of an arrow...

What's odd to me is that didn't this kid who killed Ms. Barrios try and cover it all up by setting the house on fire? Did he not think that investigators would notice the entrance of a wound and question how the victim had a "penetrating injury to the head" from a fire???? He apparently wasn't the brightest crayon in the box.

Anonymous said...

The bow and arrow were used so that there wouldn't be any noise. Possibly, he didn't have access to another weapon. What is really sick is that he broke into the home with the bow and arrow. This really shows his intent. I keep asking myself," Why didn't he just take what he wanted and get out?" And if she had awoken, then what? He grabs something and hits her? He runs out?
He intended to kill this elderly lady from the onset or he wouldn't have had a weapon. What a sick individual. This could have been my mom or yours!