Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No photos!

At the corner of Quincy Street and North Flores Street, there is a building with an odd painted message on it.

The message, proudly displayed in UT burnt orange, says:


A Picasso
Art in the Hood!
[stray graffito]
No Photos Allowed! ©

I guess I broke the rules.


Dave said...

I have that same exact picture! I was trying to think of some snappy way of saying I don't follow the rules either!

Kels said...

lol! You guys are funny fellows! The creator caused reverse psychology... I mean... if you tell someone not to do something... they will want to do it!

Albatross said...

Man, I was played. Maybe they really do want pictures taken of that building.

I'll show them! I just won't take any more pictures.

There! I won.

I think.

Kels said...

You got played like my friend... lol One night all us adults were downstairs at my friends' playing board games and watching a basketball game on the side... one of the kids came down and announced that the other one was "all broken up..." LOL (that was funny enough in itself)... so the kiddo's dad goes up there... when he comes back to the bottom of the stairs he says, "Is THIS the toy you want?" and takes it upstairs... lol PLAYED... in the finest way thinkable to a 3 and 5 year old! ;-)

So possibly... the illustrator of this work of "picasso" art could be like, 5 years old. ;-)