Sunday, September 07, 2008

Car crash; house hit

The vehicles, after lulling the homes with a short period of fence assaults, have renewed their primary attacks.

KSAT-12 reports the story:

Police said they were running a speed trap on Prue Road when Devon James, 23, came speeding by at 80 mph.

Police said that when James reached Shady Elms, he veered across traffic and into a home where a woman and her mother were sleeping.

"They were not injured, just a little shook up" said Sgt. Ramona Lopez, spokeswoman for the San Antonio Police Department. "They thought a storm was coming or something."

Coming at 80 miles per hour, that storm was!

UPDATE: Another detail on this incident from WOAI-TV:

Police say the accused drunk driver came barreling down Prue at 80 mph. He crashed through a fence and into Blanca Trevino-Koester's home. She was awake when it happened.

"I heard this roaring noise," said Trevino-Koester. "It sounded like a tornado to me."

Of all the places to be sitting in the house, Trevino-Koester was in the bathroom.

"The impact knocked me off the commode," she said.

That must have been some impact.


Dave said...

He crashed through a fence and into Blanca Trevino-Koester's home.

I don't think the fences should relax just so quickly; this was a twofer!

Kels said...

LOL I almost couldn't read the last part because it made me think of my friend who told me... through laughing tears... about this! lol I've heard of people having a bad time in the bathroom before... but this gives it new meaning! Maybe her real last name is Keester. ;) I kid, I kid!

Albatross said...

You've gotta hand it to that woman. At least she had the gumption to share where she was during the accident!