Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Judge Warns Defendant About Representing Himself"

How does that old saying go about someone representing himself and having an idiot for a client?

KSAT-12 tries to find out:

SAN ANTONIO -- District Judge Bert Richardson on Friday warned a murder defendant that he should reconsider his request to act as his own lawyer.

Earlier this week, Richard Jett fired his lawyers during a hearing, saying he wanted to represent himself when his trial begins Monday.

Richardson is concerned about Jett's mental health after the defendant appeared in court wearing boxers. Jett refused to get dressed and tried to flush his clothes down a toilet in his cell, court officials said.

Insanity defense, or just insane?


Anonymous said...

Oh well, he certainly didn't get any legal briefs before appearing in court!

Albatross said...