Sunday, September 28, 2008

Announcing his intentions

I don't have OnStar in my car, but I'm glad now it was invented. And I'm glad the mentally unstable person who planned to kill others had the idea to use it before he went into action.

WOAI-TV reports:

SAN ANTONIO - Several lives very well may have been saved when a man called Onstar and threatened to kill himself and others if they interfered.

Known for its road side assistance, help with directions, and emergency services, Onstar may have saved many people's lives Friday night after a New Braunfels man said something very scary to the Onstar operator.

“He stated that he's been off his medication and that he was down in San Antonio and he wanted to cause a blood bath,” said Sgt. Daniel Anders from the San Antonio Police Department.

Police were called and Onstar was able to tell them exactly where to find the man. Police confronted the man at a Lowes parking lot on the Northeast Side near I-35. The man's identity has not been release[d].

Thank you, General Motors.


Kels said...

O...M...G... I think that I know which Lowes that'd be (there aren't many off I-35 between NB and here)... and that's not very far from where I live!!! Creepy...!

Albatross said...

Gah ... I hope you weren't shopping there and happened to notice a bunch of police activity in the far end of the parking lot! That would be creepy, indeed.