Friday, September 05, 2008

"Poteet Mayor Facing Investigation By Texas Rangers"

Poor, poor, poor, poor Poteet. That town's mayor -- defiantly staying in office despite his inability to show up to town meetings because they are held too close to a place where children gather (because he is listed as a sex offender) -- is now under investigation by the Texas Rangers.

KSAT-12 has the story:

POTEET, Texas -- A South Texas mayor already convicted of indecency with a child is the focus of a new investigation by the Texas Rangers, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Lino Donato, Poteet's mayor, is a registered sex offender who was sentenced to probation after he pleaded guilty to a child sex offense. Donato is unable to attend council meetings because they're held within 1,000 feet of where children commonly gather.

A DPS representative would not release why Donato is under investigation.

That dude is just trouble all around.

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