Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Sonic Manager, Car Hop Arrested In Drug Raid"

Uh, yeah, I'll have some extra salt with that order, wink-wink. (from KSAT-TV)

SAN ANTONIO -- Police charged a Sonic drive-in manager and a car hop waitress with serving up orders of cocaine to customers.

Police said an anonymous tip led them to manager Jesus Ledesman, who they accused of running the drug ring with some of his employees on Zarzamorra Road.

Car hop Francisca Riojas is accused of delivering the drug orders.

Sgt. Joe Rios, San Antonio police spokesman, said narcotics were found stashed in roller skates and a tool box.

And, even stranger, this isn't the first time an employee at this fast-food joint has been arrested for selling drugs at work. Perhaps the remaining workers will learn from this incident.

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