Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Sewage is leaking onto school's grounds"

Yuck. (from the Express-News)

Elementary students at Bracken Christian School will not be allowed to use the bathrooms inside their school building starting Monday, after a Comal County inspection found the septic system is failing and untreated sewage is pooling on school grounds.

School officials said the septic field is far from any areas used by children on the 20-acre grounds and they will have 10 portable toilets outside the school by Monday.

"I'm meeting with a septic tank installer right now," School Administrator Craig Walker said Friday. "We have three weeks left in our school year and we hope to have the problem fixed in two weeks. Hopefully the children will look at it as a fun experience."

Hey, it could be a field trip! Why go visit the local sewage treatment plant when you have one on school grounds?

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