Wednesday, May 02, 2007

About that floating chihuahua ...

Regarding that chihuahua that was floated above the crowd at the Pooch Parade during Fiesta: Cathy Rosenthal, an animal blogger at the Express-News, took exception to the treatment of the dog. She said:
I am sure I would have been called a party pooper for saying something, but I would have had to say something to the owners of the floating chihuahua. Whose entertainment is this for? Certainly not the dog who would have preferred, I am sure, to have been carried or pushed in a stroller along the parade route.

And some commenters on her post agreed. Interestingly enough, the owner of the dog weighed in on the situation, and she said:

WOW--- some people have nothing better to do than sit around and judge others whom they don't know at all about. I am the owner of the CHIHUAHUA you speak of. Myra was very relaxed and I was at her side at all times... I would never do anything to hurt my dog and I resent the fact that you think I would. The harness was specially made to fit and support her entire body. She was tethered to my body and I had complete control of her the whole time. Myra loves people and enjoys attention, she was not scared nor was she in danger at anytime! As a matter of fact at one point I looked over at her and she had her eyes closed. Your entitled to your opinion but it is untrue and unfounded! I suggest you keep your premonitions limited to facts and/or limited to situations involving your own family. thank you!

And, all I have to add is, Wow. All this over a little dog. I don't think this balloon incident qualifies as cruelty to an animal. If it does, then we should take exception to Rosenthal's desire to confine a dog to a stroller. That would be even crueller, I would think.


AlanDP said...

If they were really concerned about cruelty, they would hit the streets. They would go from house to house finding all those dogs that are tied up with a 6-foot chain and kept in one spot without ever being released for their entire lives, until they go completely insane from never being able to go anywhere.

They might also check into all those pit bulls that are tied to tire rims, fed steroids, and deliberately tormented by their owners just to make them extremely strong and extremely vicious.

In my job I see dogs like this all the time.

Albatross said...

I agree with you, there. A constantly confined dog should be of more concern -- I would think -- to an animal rights activist than one that can run around at least a little. Or float free like the clouds!

I don't envy you in your job when you have to encounter mean dogs like that. I hope you stay careful.

Anonymous said...

to the owner of the Chihuahua that was floating with the balloons - you have no way of knowing if your dog enjoyed this process or not. YOu may treat your dog well in every other way, but forcing it to float, when you have no way of knowing how it felt inside IS cruel.