Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Inflatable gyms worth $25,000 stolen from party supply store"

If you suddenly see your neighbors having bounce castle (or "moonwalk") parties for their kids every day, don't feel bad if you think something might be amiss.


On Monday, nine moonwalks worth $25,000 were stolen from a party supply store on the city's West Side.

Richard Cambero is not jumping for joy. A sign reading, "Never mind the dog ... beware of owner!" with a picture of a gun wasn't enough to scare off bandits who bounced into his business and made off with nine moonwalks.

"We only have one left right now," Cambero said. That one was rented out at the time of the theft.

Now, he has to break the news to his little customers.

"When they stole the jumpers, I wasn't happy," one little boy said.

Aww, that's sad.

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