Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Group offers hugs to SA"

In this slideshow from KSAT-TV, you can see some concerned citizens offering free hugs to people in San Antonio.
Carle Meier, one of the hugger volunteers, said the hug handouts are part of a world-wide campaign for world peace.
That's nice. But it's pretty darn easy to do here, or any other Western nation. I wonder if any of the hugger volunteers made it to Darfur. Or Iraq. Or Sri Lanka. Or Somalia.


AlanDP said...

I hope they warned people first. If some stranger just walked up and tried to hug me, it would definitely be a problem.

Albatross said...

Yeah, the practice might actually be a threat to a someone's personal peace. I had thought of that, too, when I saw the story.

Anonymous said...

I am Carle Meier, the hugger mentioned above. We didn't need to "warn" people. We had signs that said "free hugs" and people were actually quite willing to give us hugs. We didn't attack...we simply asked if they'd like a hug...if they said no (all of 4 or 5 people), we simply smiled and said "have a nice day". The few who didn't want a hug, were fine with handshakes instead. The entire point of doing this was to brighten someone's day...we succeeded in that many times over.