Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your county government at work -- getting re-elected

The signs for his Republican opponent, Susan Pamerleau, didn't register with County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson.

Neither did the white SUV outfitted with more of her signs parked near the valet station on Ivy Lane.

And Republican Justice Marialyn Barnard, who's running this fall to keep her seat on the 4th Court of Appeals, was useless as a clue. She was strolling up the walk to retired healthcare executive Bill Rasco's house in Terrell Hills, just ahead of Adkisson.

Now, Barnard isn't a person — and those aren't signs — you'd expect to see outside a fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White.

Unless you're Tommy Adkisson.

Yes — Tuesday evening, the three-term commissioner strode into his rival's first fundraiser, thinking it was an event for White.

(from Greg Jefferson at the Express-News)

And guess what? No one noticed right away! No one!

Well, almost no one.
GOP activist Carol Van De Walle said that when Adkisson stepped onto the covered front porch and planted himself in front of the table with guests' nametags, nobody but her seemed to notice.

Really, who expects the opponent to show up at your candidate's fundraiser?

“He was looking down at the little box with all the nametags,” said Van De Walle, who went to high school with Adkisson.

She stepped up to her old classmate and said: “Tommy, you're not going to find your nametag.”

It then dawned on him that he was in the wrong place. But before scurrying away, he hugged Van De Walle.

Sorry, that's just too funny! And Adkisson isn't even my County Commissioner! Really, doesn't he have any handlers?


Pam G said...

Well, at least he hugged Van De Walle. Also, I think it's refreshing that he doesn't have any handlers.

Albatross said...

I think it's refreshing that he doesn't have any handlers.

I think he needs at least one. He may not want one, but he needs one.

Dave said...

If this guy ever gets caught up in one of those undercover round-ups at adult book stores, he will have a defense built in - just ask his former classmate, Van De Walle. "Tommy thought he was at Half-Priced Books..."