Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hitchcock knew how dangerous they were.

You just never know when -- or why -- someone might try to break into your house.
Police say the unidentified woman woke the family living in the 8400 block of Magdalena Run by banging on the front door, ringing the doorbell and yelling that birds were inside her home. However, the family had no idea who this woman was.

Police say the woman used a brick to force her way inside and broke the glass in the door. She reached through and opened the door from the inside and got into the home. The man tried to get her to stop but she kept advancing toward him. Police say he hit her in the head with a metal piece of a hydraulic pedal. She was unresponsive when officers arrived.
(from WOAI-TV)

The woman was taken to the hospital, but there's no word of her condition. If she lives, she's lucky.

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