Thursday, September 09, 2010

Taking up more space in your garage

When the City of San Antonio went to a two-bin system of waste disposal (blue for recyclables one day a week, brown for everything else on another day of the week), I thought it was a pretty good idea. The system is not too complicated, so no one can really argue that they don't want to participate because it is difficult to understand, and the bins are pretty large and can accommodate a lot of stuff.

And so far, it seems to be working out nicely.

So far.

Now the City wants to take that success and add to it and complicate it until it turns into a freakin' mess. Get ready for food bins!
SAN ANTONIO -- Officials with the city's Solid Waste Management Department said the department plans on adding a third collection bin for organic waste.

In addition to brown trash bins and blue recycling bins, residents would have a green bin, specifically for green waste.

"On your collection day for your blue recycle day, you'll have your green cart, as well as an option for your yard waste program," said David McCary, director of Solid Waste Management.


McCary said the green bins would be for green waste, such as leaves, grass, fruits and vegetable, but the exact rules may take some getting used to.

"I think there's a ... learning curve to this and I think that as that curve moves forward, it's gong to be impressive for people to know, 'Yes, I can put shredded paper in the bin,'" said McCary.
(from KSAT-12)

I wonder how all these extra bins will look when people start storing them on the sides of the houses because there ain't no more room in the garages. Homeowner associations are going to love this one.

But wait, there's an out!
Residents that don't want an organics bin won't need one, if they are already composting at home. In those cases, the bin [] would be optional.
No problem then, because I certainly compost at home. Don't you?

Oh, wait. Is composting allowed in the deeds and restrictions?


Sabra said...

We had small (about half the size of the others) green waste bins in Hawaii. They did not get used very much, as we weren't too clear on what went in them, beyond yard waste, and there just wasn't very much of that. Where we are now, we don't even take care of the yard--the landlord pays someone to do that--so there's no use for it.

What I'd like is some way to get the neighbors to stop throwing garbage in the recycling bin. Dirty diaper =/= recyclable! (If it was in theirs & not ours, I wouldn't be as bothered.)

Pam said...

I have a friend who lives in Seattle where they use food bins. She would compost but they aren't allowed to do it because of rats.

I compost, so I don't need a food bin, but you probably could get away with putting the bin behind your fence on your side yard.

Also the city is planning on checking the recycling containers to make sure people are actually putting recyclables in there. They say they will inform the offendees, and if they continue to put the wrong stuff in the recycle cans, the city will stop recycling service to that customer.

AlanDP said...

I've already been seeing green bins in many places. Are certain neighborhoods already doing this? Or what?

Dave said...

I'm all for recycling, but in our 'hood, the parking them on the street, in front of the garage, or randomly in the yard has already become a huge issue.

I totally understand the argument that they are bigger and take up space in the garage, though I guess becasue I am so insensitive, my response is "deal with it". I keep my recycle bin in the garage and keep the garbage bin on the side of the house behind the privacy fence. Why can other people work out some arrangement? Laziness.

But now, adding a third bin? I applaud the green efforts, but really, aren't we now just inviting people to get in fights with their HOA's? Seriously, no judge is going to rule against a homeowner who is fighting an HOA based upon the fact that the city has forced 3 huge bins onto them.

I for one will deal with the added space requirements but I can just see what my neighborhood is going to look like. Hell, we may as well just build uniform bin holders in front of every home - at least it would look nicer.

Keith Alan K said...

What about the smell? The news report I saw said something about stale bread and banana skins, etc. No thanks! Grass and branches are fine, but food waste means flies and possums and stench.