Saturday, September 04, 2010

"Frustrated Crime Victim Puts Billboard On Front Yard"

A man takes a bite out of crime -- with a sign.
Over the past eight months, [Juan Monsivais] said thieves in the overnight hours have pried open the toolbox in the back of his pickup parked in his driveway, making off with the necessary tools of his trade, time and time again.

Fed up, Monsivais proclaimed his predicament in a big way. After the last break-in on Monday, he yanked out a sheet of plywood, grabbed a spray paint can and scrawled "Fourth time this year somebody broke in my truck!!!"

Even then, Monsivais wanted a hammer to finish the job. Instead, he said he told his son, "Bring a rock or something because they stole the hammer."
(from KSAT-12)

That's a lovely sign. But isn't this just asking for more break-ins? After all, now all of the KSAT viewers know that you park your tools out in the driveway.
He said though potential thieves may see the sign as an invitation, he's not willing to risk his life or the lives of his family over a few tools.
Oh. Oh, I see. OK. Then why did you let the cameras onto your property?

Just wondering.

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Sabra said...

After, say, the second time, why the hell would you keep leaving tools there? I mean, duh, they're being stolen 'cause they're easily accessible.