Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tropical Storm Hermine!

Just blew through. I hope every one's OK. I haven't checked it closely yet, but the level of my rain gauge as I see it from my back kitchen window looks to be at least three inches.

Stay dry.


Sabra said...

We were dumb enough to go to HEB in it. I'll cop to that stupid idea. In my defense, all the weather site I checked said was "chance of thunderstorms." Didn't say jack about sixty-some-odd mph winds.

Albatross said...

Yeah, ole Hermine surprised a lot of us.

Oh, by the way, the rain gauge had 3.4 inches in it. Not bad for one day.

Bob S. said...

We had 4 inches of rain yesterday in the DFW area and getting several more today.

Definitely in the frog strangler category up here

Albatross said...

Last night (Sunday night/Monday morning) we got an additional 4.5 inches. That'll wash out them gullies.