Monday, December 28, 2009

"Rug ‘rip off’ rankles restaurant"

If you want to steal something, apparently it sometimes works when you just walk right up to it in front of everybody and calmly take it.

SAN ANTONIO – A thief walks into a restaurant and takes a rug worth $5,000 right off the wall.

It happened at the Cool Cafe downtown. The thief was caught on surveillance tape walking in and pulling the Persian rug off the wall. On his way out, the suspect could be seen stuffing the pilfered rug into a plastic bag.

The theft took place at around 8:20 Sunday night while the restaurant was open. Initially, the staff didn't notice the rug's disappearance. It wasn't until later, while viewing the video, they realized what had occurred.

Crystal Galvan, manager, says, “Our employees were actually here rolling silverware when it happened and he just came in through the back entrance and took off with it.”

(from WOAI-TV)

The back entrance? Really? You have a restaurant downtown and you leave the back entrance wide open so any old schmo can wander in, and nobody notices? Well, you know what happens when you do that. Your decor gets ripped right off the walls.

By the way, nice alliteration in the headline. Those writers live for stuff like that.


AlanDP said...

Long ago I worked at the Mr. Gatti's in Seguin. We used to have a large print of the Lone Ranger and Tonto done in an impressionistic style hanging on the hallway wall near the front. Late one night when it was almost closing time, the last customer had been served and the entrance locked and we were all occupied with breaking down and cleaning up, one of the customers just took it off the wall and left with it.

Albatross said...

Amazing. Kind of reminds me of the time the thieves stole Munch's The Scream and then left a note saying "Thanks for the poor security."

Except The Scream is an internationally-known work of art. And it has nothing to do with the Lone Ranger or Tonto. And it wasn't hanging in a Mr. Gatti's.

Other than that, exactly the same.